Service Nation Offers Free Speaking Engagements delivered by Our Senior Staff on Topics You Will Surely Benefit By.

Service Nation didn’t become the Largest Private Contractor Group overnight. Our growth has been steady – at time, explosive – and now we have an organization representing more than 5,000 Plumbing, HVAC, Connected Home, Home Remodeling, and related service industries.

We also have the will and ability to share some of what we’ve learned with other trade groups FREE of charge. Our available speakers are among the best and the brightest among the Service Nation Team, as you’re about to discover.

Here are the people currently available for your upcoming events with the topics for each you can choose from.

Matt Michel CEO, Service Nation

The Leadership Principles: Why do we seek to follow some people, but resist others? Explore the practical principles of leadership you can utilize to become a better leader for your organization.

Business Advice for Service Contractors: What we all wished we knew when we started.

The Power of Positive Pricing: Pricing is an essential part of the marketing mix. Used properly, pricing can enhance the top line and the bottom line. Positive pricing takes a retail approach for service businesses.

Home Show Marketing: Home shows can be powerful lead generation tools, but only if they are worked correctly. Learn how to get the most out of your next home show.

Self-Generating Leads for HVAC Salespeople: Most HVAC salespeople wait for leads to be handed to them. High income take matters into their own hands and self-generate as many leads as possible. Here’s how.

Life : Life is too short to live accidentally. Learn how to design the best life you can. It’s never too late to start. You’ve got the rest of your life before you.

Training to Turbocharge Your Technicians: Learn how to build a year-round training program and curriculum that will take your technicians to the next level.

Service Innovation: Innovators make transformational leaps their competitors struggle to understand and then, adapt. Learn principles as applied to a service business.

Brand: Unless you build a brand for your business, you operate as a commodity and commodities sell for the lowest price. the history of branding, how anything can be branded, and how to make your business stand out.

Maximizing Your Mobile Billboard: The most powerful marketing medium available to a contractor is the service truck. Learn how to get the most advertising and branding bang from your fleet of mobile billboards.

David Heimer COO, Service Nation

Relentless Recruiting : You can’t grow your business if you can’t find, hire, and keep the right people. Why is it that some companies can’t find qualified personnel while other companies always have a flood of applicants and get to pick and choose? Why are s ome companies always fighting the turnover battles, while other companies routinely keep their best employees for 20-30 years? Learn how to build a recruiting pipeline, attract the kind of employees you want, and keep them with you for years.

Service Agreements Best Practices: Some companies have thousands of Service Agreements that create generous profits while other companies fail to unlock the potential of Service Agreements. Why is that? David Heimer, Senior Vice President for Service Nation, reviews the service agreement best practices of successful Service Nation members. You will learn:

  1. The Surprising Benefits of Service Agreements
  2. Service Agreement Best Practices from Leading Contractors
  3. Key Performance Indicators You Need to Know for Service Agreements
  4. How To Get Started

Jim Hinshaw Vice President, Vertical Markets

What Are You Afraid Of?: It all starts with things we are afraid of: grizzly bears, jellyfish, scorpions, giant snakes, things that can hurt us bad. Then we move into the one thing we are all afraid of: change. What we see today in our business world is no longer “Business as Usual”. In fact, we may not ever be able to do business like we used to years ago. Which actually may not be a bad thing. Ride with me for a while to discover how Change can actually help us improve our lives and businesses. How we may find a rainbow in the Covid storm.

Lessons Learned from Endurance, Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition: 10 lessons from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic, where he took a group of men on a journey that took 2 years, across hundreds of miles of sea and frozen land, in small boats and on foot, without losing a single man! He showed us the art of leadership, how to get everyone on the same page, and even when survival was not in their future, the team stayed on course.

The Perfect Sales Call : We will share how to discover what the customer wants and needs in a comfort solution for their home. Learn how people buy (hint, it is not the lowest price!), how to design the system exactly as they want. Show how they cannot get what you offer anywhere else. How to handle the typical objections we see in the marketplace. What words to say, not to say. How to use financing and energy savings to help put the perfect solution together.

The Virtual Sales Call: Similar to the Perfect Sales Call, but for the customer who doesn’t want you in the home, or at least wants to limit their exposure to people coming into the home. How to set up the virtual call, what you need to do, what is expected from the homeowner. What is needed to put together a proposal, tools and information. How to handle the typical objections. And lots more.

Maintenance Agreement System: How to put together a maintenance agreement program for your company. What much to charge, how to charge that amount, when to charge that amount, all the details. What should be included, not included. How to market it to your customer base, and outside your customer base. How to encourage your team to market and sell M/A. Included is a Affinity marketing program and a perpetual agreement. 

Pete Danielson Vice President, Market Development

Recruiting During the Great Resignation: Most contractors do a great job of marketing for customers, but do they put the same creative energy into marketing to hire? As you know, the labor market is strained as has been for a while. While unemployment in the trades is zero, current times are requiring contractors to adapt to ever-changing demands. Pete Danielson will demonstrate tactics and creative marketing you can use to attract and retain talent to lessen the strain of a tight labor market on your company.

The 4–step Process to Implementation: We have all been to seminars or conferences and collected lists of great ideas only to have them sit in our notebooks and never get implemented.  Have you ever had one of your managers struggle to install a new process or program in their department?  With this 4 step process you will learn how to implement new ideas and track the progress of any size project and at the same time improve teamwork and engagement of your employees.

Building Your Brand Through Community Outreach
Learn how to be recognized as a leading business and the service provider of choice by engaging with local organizations.  How do you build a network of raving fans in your community?  Using these strategies will save you thousands in marketing costs and at the same time accelerate your growth.

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