Affiliate Membership Levels & Fees

Service Roundtable has partnered with more than 33 HVAC and Plumbing associations in the US, Canada, and Australia. That enables our partner associations – and their members – to share in the knowledge and proven business tools fat the core of Service Roundtable offerings.

As the world’s largest private contractor group, we now have more than 5,000+ members in five trade categories:

2. Plumbing
3. Remodeling
5. Smart Home

Service Roundtable members enjoy a competitive advantage in their local  markets by harnessing the tools and information provided to members only.  Today, we present you association and members with that same opportunity.

What’s in it for your association?

Now, we’re happy to invite you profit from of our affiliation just as numerous other trade associations already have.  When one of your member companies teams up with Service Roundtable, your association will receive up to $25 per month, per member.


What’s in it for your members?

There are two ways for your member companies to experience the Service Roundtable difference.  

FREE Membership provides:

  1. Limited access to our Resource Center marketing and business tools.
  2. Discounts and rebates from most of our 100 Service Roundtable partners.

Full Membership at $50 per month for one trade – and $25 for each additional trade included with a company’s membership – provides:

  1. Complete access to our library of over 6,000 pieces of marketing and business tools to help companies achieve success.
  2. Higher rebates and discounts with our partners.
  3. Payouts from more preferred partners.
  4. Access to our “Idea Exchange” where existing members share ideas and get answers to tough questions by companies that have been there and done that.
  5. Discounts to industry events.

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    Current Affiliate Associations

    • Air Conditioning Association of New England
    • Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio
    • Air Conditioning Contractors of Western Pennsylvania
    • Conditioned Air Association of Georgia
    • Connecticut heating & Cooling Contractors Association
    • Radiant Professionals Alliance
    • Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Professional Alliance
    • Gateway Air Conditioning Contractors
    • Heating and Air Conditioning Alliance of Indiana
    • Indoor Comfort Association of Greater Louisville
    • Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association
    • Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Contractors of Oklahoma
    • Minnesota Heating & Cooling Association
    • Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association
      • Oregon ACCA
      • Pennsylvania Air Conditioning Contractors Association
      • Wisconsin PHCC
      • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association
      • Rocky Mountain Gas Association
      • South Carolina Association of Licensed Trades
      • Southern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Service Contractors Association
      • Southwest Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association
      • Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association
      • Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Associations – Greater Houston
      • Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association
      • Wisconsin Geothermal Association
      • Women in HVACR

    Phone : 877-262-3341