Why Join

Private Labeling – A Great Way to Build Your Brand

The Retail Contractor Coalition was formed in February 2008 and has enjoyed steady growth ever since.


It’s an alliance of independent contractors who want to promote their brand vs.  those of the manufacturers – and other groups – whose brands they install, service, and repair. The Retail Contractor Coalition makes private labeling easy. It’s turnkey, automatic, and painless.


According to Steven Miles, owner of Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning, “The biggest surprise you will have about private labeling is in how well it will work out. We’re 99% private label and I’m not looking in the rear view mirror. It was without exception one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”


Participating contractors receive the same technical and field support you’re now receiving from your manufacturers, distributors, franchise group, and so on. Pricing and terms are negotiated locally, and your liability remains unchanged.

The only thing that changes is the brand. It will be yours, and yours alone.

Here are additional benefits to consider:

Less Price Competition

Private labeling makes it impossible for homeowners to lure contractors into a reverse auction for the sale and installation of the identical products using the same brand.

Brand Control

Your A company’s brand is the only brand you own, the only brand that can’t be taken away, and the only brand that can’t be off­ered to a competitor.

Repeat Business

When consumers look at the brand name on a furnace or air conditioner and see your logo and local contact information, that’s who they’re going to call. Private labeling locks customers in for the life of the product, no matter who happens to own the home.


The companies that private label report greater bottom line profits because they are no longer paying for manufacturer brand building, dealer meetings, and incentive trips. The savings fall to the bottom line.

Is Private Labeling for You?

There’s only one sure way to find out – reach out to Service Roundtable today for more information. We’ll answer your questions and, if once you’re ready,  help put you on the road to new levels of brand control, repeat business, and profitability.